Enabling low-power Wi-Fi 6

Nordic Semiconductor is a leading provider of low-power wireless communication solutions, utilizing decades of ultra-low-power wireless expertise to maximize Wi-Fi’s low-power potential in various applications including home automation, smart lighting, and other IoT devices.


Why choose Nordic´s Wi-Fi solution?

icon     LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Nordic's Wi-Fi solutions are designed to minimize power consumption, making them ideal for battery-powered devices that need to operate for long periods of time on a single charge
Icon of two cogwheels     EASY INTEGRATION: Nordic's Wi-Fi solutions are designed to integrate easily into various applications and systems. Wi-Fi is fully integrated into our nRF Connect SDK making sure we have an optimal integration with our SoCs and SiPs.
icon - robust security     ROBUST SECURITY: Nordic's Wi-Fi solutions include built-in security with a complete WPA3 implementation, ensuring that devices are secure and data is kept safe.
icon     STRONG SUPPORT AND RESOURCES: Nordic provides comprehensive documentation, technical support, and development tools to help you get started with your Wi-Fi project.

Our Wi-Fi companion IC

nRF7002 Wi-Fi Companion IC

nRF7002 - Low-power, advanced security, seamless coexistence

2.4GHz and 5GHz Dual-band

Low-power and Secure Wi-Fi for the IoT

Ideal coexistence with Bluetooth LE

Supported in nRF Connect SDK

Wi-Fi 6 Station (STA)

Complies with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax

1 Spatial Stream (SS)

20 MHz channel bandwidth

64 QAM (MCS7), 86 Mbps PHY throughput

OFDMA (Downlink and Uplink)

BSS Coloring



Co-existence interfaces

Seamless coexistence

The nRF7002 companion IC provides seamless Wi-Fi connectivity when used alongside our existing products.

It is an excellent addition to the nRF52840 and nRF5340 multiprotocol SoCs. In conjunction with our nRF9160 cellular IoT SiPs and nRFCloud services, the nRF7002 enables Wi-Fi-based locationing (SSID sniffing of local Wi-Fi hubs)

The nRF7002 can also be used in conjunction with non-Nordic host devices.