Human Rights and Labor Rights

Our approach

In Nordic Semiconductor, we are committed to conduct business in a way that respects human rights by preventing, and mitigating negative impacts, and by driving continuous improvement.

Nordic Semiconductor is a global fabless company meaning that we design and sell our products but do not manufacture it. We thereby rely on third parties to manufacture, assemble, and to a large extent, test our products.

As an employer, we are committed to international labor rights and a workplace without injury or harm. We promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and support the right to organize and collective bargaining. 

As a fabless company and buyer of goods and services, we have a strong focus on our supply chain and encourage decent working conditions by requiring compliance with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct.

We are committed to provide for and cooperate in remedy processes in situations where our activities cause or contribute to adverse human rights impacts.

Nordic Semiconductor declare our commitment through our membership of Responsible Business Alliance and by being a signatory of UN Global Compact, but acknowledge that we, similar to most companies, are on a journey when it comes to continuous improvement in relation to identification and mitigation of human rights.

Nordic Semiconductor provides information about our programs and policies on our website. For further details about our assessments and performance we refer to our annual reports.

Material topics

Salient concerns, or material topics within Human Rights, are identified through our materiality assessment and semi-annual enterprise risk assessments. Our current focus, based upon our direct and indirect focus, are Diversity & Inclusion, hereunder zero tolerance against Discrimination, Conflict Minerals, decent Working Conditions, Collective bargaining rights, and Forced labor, hereunder Modern Slavery.

For more information about these topics, see our policies published on our website and our annual reports.

Supply chain

As a fabless company, our exposure to issues related to human rights and labor rights is limited in our direct operations, but greater when it comes to our supply chain. Therefore, Nordic Semiconductor requires all tier 1 manufacturing partners to formally sign an agreement to comply with the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct, and that the same shall be required from their suppliers, hence making the standards of the RBA Code of Conduct applicable to second-tier suppliers as well. We use supplier audits are used to monitor implementation of the RBA code of Conduct, such as tracing of information for conflict mineral reports, inspecting Human Rights and Labor performance, and follow-up of next tier suppliers. Our suppliers are evaluated both in the supplier qualification process and through annual screening in accordance with RBA code of conduct requirements where Human rights and Labor rights are important fundamental requirements. The screening is done through RBA 4 step Risk assessment model (for more information, please see the annual report). All our manufacturing partners are certified to ISO 45001.

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Contact us 

If you have questions or concerns related to our approach related to human rights, please contact us at: [email protected]