Cellular Connectivity Partners

Cellular Connectivity Partners

In addition to the nRF9160 SiP with its full integration of hardware and software, you also need a connectivity provider with SIM and data plan to get connected. Just as Nordic Semiconductor partners with distributors to improve support and availability, we also partner with connectivity providers to get you connected faster and easier.

Why choose our cellular connectivity partners?

Our cellular connectivity partners offer coverage options whether you plan to make a local, regional, or even global product. Being cellular IoT focused, they give you more options to find the right balance of LTE-M and/or NB-IoT coverage, features such as sleep interval support and power saving modes. This means you can tailor your connectivity to match your application requirements.

These connectivity providers have extensive expertise in the cellular embedded space and together we can ensure you get your cellular product to market in record time.

Click through on the tabs to read more about our partners Arkessa and iBasis. You can also find a link to other Solution Partners offering Cellular Connectivity in the Others tab.